Build a strong and innovative business with a .tech domain name

In today’s hyper-competitive cyberspace, finding a domain name isn’t as easy as slapping a .com at the end of your business name. As new domain extensions emerge and gain popularity, businesses have the opportunity of choosing one that best represents their brand.

Fortunately, for tech-related businesses, there exists the perfect domain extension: .Tech.

It has become a favorite among creative, ambitious, and digitally-savvy techpreneurs. Its versatility, relevance, and universal appeal make it one of the best domain extensions for startups.

Stand out online with a .tech domain name

To operate successfully and stand out in this hyper-competitive environment, you need more than just an ingenious idea and zeal.

Every little detail of your business must highlight the artistic and original quality that you stand for.

Focusing on these details is what will give you that competitive edge and make your marketing communication stand out.

Let’s dive in.

Domain names — the game-changing marketing and branding tool.

Your domain name happens to be more than just a mere online address of your website.

It is your identity on the world wide web and an excellent opportunity to make a great first impression — one that reflects your spirit of innovation and your ability to stay on top of industry trends.

Now, the question is, how do you choose a good domain name? Look for the following aspects:

Short and simple
Free of copyright issues

Balancing all these considerations and finding the perfect domain name is no small feat.

Moreover, as a tech business, you’re probably wondering what domain name would be worthy of your brand.

Why is your domain name important?

Before we delve further into the benefits of choosing a .Tech domain, let’s understand what makes the domain name a vital marketing tool in the first place.

1. Gateway to digital marketing

In today’s business environment, being online is not a luxury or an afterthought but a necessity. Your domain name is the first thing people come across when they search for you online, making it the foundation of your online presence and branding.

It is the first step towards making your tech business searchable, one that launches you into the ever-expanding world of eCommerce and digital marketing. Having a .Tech domain name gives you a shot at being featured in the search results of people looking for businesses like yours.

2. Brand reinforcement

The less time a potential customer spends linking your different brand properties, the better it is for you. An exact match domain name helps keep your branding consistent across all platforms, whether online or offline. It implies that whenever a person comes across your domain name, they will be reminded of your business. At the same time, it makes your search results and website more recognizable.

3. Easier to communicate

Marketing is all about effective communication, and a domain name that is easier to understand and communicate is the biggest online marketing asset an upcoming tech business can have. Short and simple domain names that are true to your brand are easier to communicate, even verbally.

For instance, a person who hears it on the radio or in a conversation with someone should be able to accurately remember and type it out. In other words, the right domain name can make your brand more memorable.

4. Stronger competitive advantage

A unique and brandable domain name goes hand in hand with an innovative product in helping your business stand out amongst the competition. How you market your business is often as important, if not more, for business success as what you’re selling. You need a strong domain name that serves the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship you stand for.

5. Relevant traffic

Having a domain name makes you more searchable, but having a recognizable and meaningful one helps you attract relevant traffic. If people can ascertain what your business offers by merely looking at your domain name, it is akin to getting people to enter your store in the brick-and-mortar world.

6. Building business credibility

Relevant traffic coupled with a high-quality website user experience builds your credibility in the eyes of search engines. As your reputation gets shot in the arm, your search engine ranking improves, further boosting traffic quality and leading to more sales.

How .Tech domain names can help

Tech businesses today are shifting their focus from choosing goofy monikers and looking for domain names that clearly communicate the service/product they offer. They’re adding an additional layer of branding by registering their domain names on a relevant domain extension.

In the case of technology, a .Tech domain name can help set your business apart. Read on to learn how the .Tech extension can work for you.

1. Establish your niche

Relevant and industry-specific domain extensions such as .Tech allows you to create a strong and clear brand positioning that immediately resonates with your online users.

Tech businesses with .Tech domain names immediately establish their industry and their niche.

For example, if your business provides innovative smart home solutions, then a domain name such as will immediately establish what you offer and further accentuate your marketing communication.

You can also use these industry-specific domain extensions to create a unique brand identity for different arms of your business. For example, the domain name for the tech division of Paramount, one of the world’s leading production houses, is

2. Promote your brand name

One of the best ways to gauge the success of a brand is to measure its recall value.

Your domain name is that tiny detail that can play a significant role in improving the recall value of your brand.

You might feel that going with the well-known domain extensions is safer since people are accustomed to them. However, with millions of domain names already registered, the chances of you finding a short and meaningful domain name with a .com extension are slim.

Such names are either already registered or come at a premium price. More importantly, they don’t offer that extra oomph factor that makes your domain name stand out and become easily recallable.

For a tech brand, your innovative and creative personality forms the crux of your identity. Compromising on a domain name can impact your overall brand image.

The .Tech domain extension is relatively new, so the chances of your first-choice domain name being available are high. Not to mention, it is a great way to associate your brand name with your niche.

For instance, let’s say that your tech startup is called Innovative Prime. If you decide on the domain name, not only will it most likely be available for use, but it will also build a strong association of your brand name with your niche, i.e. technology.

3. Find your perfect domain match

Ever fantasized about finding a domain name that exactly matches your brand name?

A .Tech domain name can make it happen.

As a new company in a highly competitive industry, capitalizing on such an opportunity enhances your brand’s value. It portrays you as a business that is keeping up with the times — a trait that’s at the core of most businesses in the technology sector.

For example, assume your business is about the latest technology in the medical industry, and your brand name is New Pharm Tech. An exact match domain name for this would be, which is a major win for your company and its overall branding.

Find your perfect domain name now!

4. Be creative

As a tech company, you want to create an image that exudes progressiveness.

Using the .Tech domain extension is the perfect opportunity to imbue your domain name with creativity, ingenuity, and meaning.

For instance, Break Into Tech, a company that provides tech-related training to people from non-technical backgrounds, uses the domain name

Not only is it an exact match for the company’s name, but it also indicates what the company does while urging visitors to “break into tech.”

5. Be more relevant

By using an industry-specific domain extension, you already indicate the industry you belong to. You can now utilize the first half of your domain name to incorporate keywords that are more relevant to what you do.

Not only does this make your domain name more contextual and meaningful, but it also improves your search engine ranking and helps you garner organic traffic for your website.

Let’s say that you own a company that develops web applications. You can use the .tech extension to acquire a domain name like Your domain name now has four words that tell people what you do in the most straightforward way possible.

When this URL is linked to the anchor text “web app development tech,” it will signal to search engines the authenticity and relevance of the link and help improve your search rankings.

Like the above example, you can incorporate other relevant information in your domain name when you use the .Tech extension, such as your geographical location ( or your target audience (

Why .Tech is the right choice for you?

.Tech is one of the best tech domain extensions because it is relatively generic, even while being specific. Other than that, several other factors make it one of the best domain extensions for startups.

1. .Tech domains offer better memorability

A relevant domain extension like .Tech improves your odds of securing a shorter, simpler, and, therefore, more memorable domain name for your tech business. By simply prefixing it with your domain name, you include a crucial and highly relevant keyword in your web address without occupying too much space.

2. .Tech domains are versatile

A .Tech domain is one of the best domain extensions for tech startups, whether you’re a business selling tech products, a techie freelancer, or an enthusiast with a blog about all things technology.

You can be in the medical, auto, art, food, or any other industry. The .Tech domain is right for you if your core is tech. Tomorrow, as your business grows and diversifies, your .Tech domain will still stand the test of time. Not only is it versatile, but it is also a universally understood term.

3. .Tech domains are keyword rich

Several factors affect your website’s performance on the search engine results page. One among them is the degree of organic traffic your website is attracting and the level of engagement with visitors. As a tech company trying to attract customers with an intent to purchase, or a tech blog trying to attract tech enthusiasts who will consume and interact with your content, a .Tech domain can be highly valuable. It lets people know exactly what you have to offer and drives relevant traffic to your website. Thus, it is among the best tech domain extensions for SEO.

Who is using the .Tech domain?

Anyone with tech-related interests can build a meaningful and traffic-generating domain name on .Tech. Several big online tech brands are already on board.

Founded by barrister and entrepreneur Priya Lakhani, Century seeks to combine science, technology, and pedagogical techniques to facilitate higher levels of learning in schools and colleges. It comprises a team of expert teachers, neuroscientists, and technologists who create tools that improve student engagement and understanding and provide an array of time-saving resources to educators.

We Shape Tech is a community-led by Swiss women tech entrepreneurs that provides growth and networking opportunities to help women shatter the glass ceiling in the tech and innovation industry. It conducts regular meetups to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, generate social awareness and emphasize the importance of diversity in technology.

Shadow is a cloud-based program that grants subscribers access to a powerful, hi-tech Windows PC from any device. It allows you to run all your Windows software remotely, add on your favorite gear such as specialized keyboards, headsets, and game controllers and enjoy high-resolution streaming quality.


If you’re browsing around for the best tech domain extensions, then .Tech is a worthy opponent. It provides startups, tech blogs, or any tech-related entities with a unique, easy, and affordable opportunity to build a memorable and competitive online brand.

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Updated on Dec. 15, 2022.

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