GoDaddy Pro Series – Winning with WordPress

When you’re on top of your game, you get different demands from different clients. And no matter how difficult the challenge is, you can deliver every time.
In our new YouTube series, “Winning with WordPress, ” we bring web designers and developers from different technical backgrounds together to show how they meet expectations with WordPress websites.

Over three episodes, web professionals take on a variety of challenges in which they craft WordPress websites ranging from simple installations to fully customized websites.

Episode 1 – Farmer’s Market(ing)

Watch how our WordPress pro, Lucas Pate, will man a WordPress pop-up stall in a local farmer’s market offering beautifully designed Managed WordPress sites for local business owners.

“WordPress is a set of tools that help business owners keep their sites up-to-date and manage their website quickly and easily.” – Lucas Pate

We showcase how easy it can be to set up an ecommerce site with the power and flexibility with the right toolset.

More episodes coming soon

The next episodes are in production, and they will be available soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the next episodes are available.

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