11 email productivity hacks to accomplish more in a day

What is one email productivity hack that allows you to maximize your productivity and get more done in a day? To help you maximize your daily productivity, we asked CEOs and founders for their best email productivity hacks. From using chat tools for internal communication to automating emails with Zapier, there are several email hacks […]

Need a productivity boost? Try changing your environment

The nature of office work changed drastically in 2020 due to necessity. And, for some, that temporary work-from-home situation became a full-time reality. However, with 65% of American workers stating their preference for a flexible working situation, it’s largely been a welcome change to the pre-COVID in-office grind. But, that doesn’t mean working from home […]

How to choose an effective brand name

Do you know where the name Starbucks came from? Or Spotify? How about Geico? The founders of the coffee brand knew that they wanted a name that suggested adventure and discovery. And one line of thought was that they should connect the company to its geographic origins. So, they looked at a map of Washington […]

11 tips for producing content your readers actually want to read

When writing about tips for producing content, I think back to a time many years ago when I interviewed an Academy Award-winning screenplay writer. Paris Hilton was his neighbor and he lived in the heart of Hollywood. He had achieved extreme career success by creating screenplays that captivated audiences. “How do you produce content that […]

GoDaddy Team Innerview: Technical Services 

When an issue falls outside the scope of the phone or chat support provided by GoDaddy Guides, the interaction gets escalated to Technical services. It might be a website migration that needs to get done or a new server that needs configuration — tough stuff that goes beyond ordinary support. Members of Technical Services are […]

Keep your business reputation safe online

Since 2004, the United States has recognized the importance of cybersecurity by appointing October National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It emphasizes how essential it is for each of us to protect ourselves and our businesses against the technology and data threats present in the online world. Keeping your business reputation safe online is an aspect of […]

Tips to boost holiday sales with Websites + Marketing

With all the buzz around inflation and possible economic contractions looming large over the holiday season, large companies are scrambling. Smaller businesses, though, have the unique ability to roll with the punches. So, if you’re a small business looking for how to boost sales during these strange times, take advantage of these ecommerce preparedness tips […]

Small business guide to holiday email marketing

Whatever your niche or sector, email marketing is a promotional medium that will generate amazing results — if you do it right. Harness that power for holiday email marketing and you stand to increase brand awareness, grow your audience and boost your bottom line, big time. Studies show that a third of consumers check their […]

GoDaddy Pro Meet-ups recap

At GoDaddy, sharing knowledge is important to help enable Pros and businesses to succeed. The GoDaddy Pro Community team hosts weekly events with various entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts on a wide range of topics, from WordPress to accessibility. In case you missed any of the meetups or want to rewatch them, we have a quick […]

GoDaddy Open: A recap from our evening in Baltimore

Powerful. Uplifting. Encouraging. Incredible. These, among many others, are words I would use to describe the GoDaddy Open event in Baltimore. At GoDaddy, we describe ourselves as the company that empowers entrepreneurs, but after this event, I’d say those entrepreneurs are the ones who empower us. As the afternoon of Oct. 19, 2022, arrived, our […]