GoDaddy Team Innerview: Everybody Writes

Part of our commitment to providing all the help you need to succeed online sees us maintaining a vast library of how-to content. The GoDaddy Help Center includes more than 4,000 concise, step-by-step articles that detail the successful use of all the products and services we offer – a key resource for customers and our Guides alike.

Creating this content is a team of 12 individuals, responsible for Help articles for all new products and features, changes to existing product features, integrating content from new acquisitions, and responding to hundreds (if not thousands) of feedback submissions every year.

Talk about a massive responsibility, right?

It’s why we launched our Everybody Writes program. With Everybody Writes, volunteer employees at GoDaddy step in to assist the relatively small team whose content generates more than   million sessions each year – kinda like calling up the National Guard when things get overwhelming.

This partnership ensures Help content remains timely and accurate. Individuals with Everybody Writes rely on deep experience with GoDaddy products and customer needs, as well as the drive to go above and beyond in creating the best possible experience.

Hear it from the Everybody Writes team

We checked in with the Everybody Writes team to see how they manage their primary responsibilities while ensuring our Help content stays… helpful?

What made you volunteer for Everybody Writes?

I volunteered for Everybody Writes after years of giving feedback to the content writers to improve Help articles. It seemed only natural that I eventually helped to make those changes myself. I have been contributing my feedback to improve our Help content from way back in the day. As anyone in Care knows, we are only as good as our resources.

When you support/sell hundreds of products it’s impossible to memorize everything so you need to be able to trust that the information in Help content is accurate. Volunteering for Everybody Writes is kind of my way of giving back to those in Care who are on the front lines with customers every day using these Help articles. If Help content can assist them with sales and support, we all benefit.

Heather Lawless, Global Advanced Operations Specialist

The Website Security Help documents are a big job, and I knew I could use my knowledge of our products to make sure they’re the best they can possibly be

Celise Davison, Website Security Support Analyst

When my supervisor shared with me the details indicating that we are going to work on a new project and related to Help articles, I got excited because I always wondered which team is responsible for managing all that information for customers and helping them with the step-by-step processes. Additional information was shared that it requires some HTML tags knowledge that made me agree to this project.

Vinay Soni, Advanced Technical Support Representative

I always had a curiosity to know how Help articles are created. I knew they are written in HTML, but that HTML looks different. And then finally I got this opportunity to learn about it. It was quite an interesting journey where I learned about custom HTML.

Shubham Dhiman, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it’s literature or conjuring up technical documents. Ever since I joined GoDaddy and found out about Everybody Writes I was quick to jump in and get involved. It’s also a great opportunity to hone my troubleshooting skills and product knowledge, since writing technical documentation allows you to get first-hand experience with a bunch of different products.

Pit Bozionelos, WooCommerce Support Engineer

I was very excited to volunteer for Everybody Writes to get involved in managing our Help articles. This was a great opportunity for me to have direct impacts on deeply understanding our product features, developing the Help support for these features and making sure these were produced in a timely manner for use by our internal support teams, as well as our customers. It also gave me the chance to grow my skills into learning HTML coding, something I would never have done without this opportunity.  I am so glad to be part of this process and look forward to supporting all I can in the future.

Timothy O’Shea, Senior Project Manager

Do you have a particular area of expertise?

I consider my area of expertise to be anything related to our Site Builders and Domains. Internal processes and CRM guides are also subjects I like to tackle.

—Heather Lawless, Global Advanced Operations Specialist

I work in Product Support for Website Security, and we offer support for backups, monitoring and the firewall. The backups we provide are fairly new and the product is still being updated, so I am mostly working on Help articles for the backups function of Website Security.

—Celise Davison, Website Security Support Analyst

I am good with servers and website development languages such as HTML, PHP and React JS. I thought it would be great fun to write down everything in HTML and, if required, other languages.

—Vinay Soni, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Computer applications and languages. I am currently in a learning phase as I am practicing other languages alongside.

—Shubham Dhiman, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Yes. I’m mostly focused on WooCommerce-related articles as well as new commerce tools for the Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Stores platforms. It has been a huge privilege working on documenting features for those platforms, as a lot of innovative work is going on there that both keeps me on my toes and allows me to learn a bunch of new stuff every day.

—Pit Bozionelos, WooCommerce Support Engineer

My area of expertise focuses on Help articles for our gTLD, ccTLD and Legacy Product lines. I manage new article creations and updates to these product lines and ensure all the product features are properly represented for view to our internal users and outside customers.

—Timothy O’Shea, Senior Project Manager

What’s the most challenging project you’ve worked on so far?

Updating any outdated links to the old L2Chat was quite the challenge because there were so many. Any time we make changes to our interfaces or systems, it can be daunting to update all affected articles but also very satisfying.

—Heather Lawless, Global Advanced Operations Specialist

Relearning HTML and complying with the GoDaddy style guides is probably the most challenging for every article I write.

—Celise Davison, Website Security Support Analyst

Every project is a challenge in itself as we have to check up on everything because we are making sure that everything is correct and meaningful for others. It should be simple and easy to understand.

—Vinay Soni, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Once, 100-plus articles were assigned to me. That was challenging and fun work at the same time.

—Shubham Dhiman, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Documenting the Marketing & Socials integration for Managed WooCommerce Stores. It has been challenging, as we started documentation earlier in the development process and we had to go through a lot of iterations until getting it right.

—Pit Bozionelos, WooCommerce Support Engineer

The most challenging project I have been involved in took me outside the comfort zone of my normal area of expertise, which was rewriting Help articles for the Aftermarket team. This was an exciting opportunity for me that involved extensive research into how their features functioned with the new changes, developing the steps in the new process flows and creating all the new screen shots necessary to update the Help article line here. It was rewarding for me to go from no knowledge of this area to an in-depth understanding of how it worked. Without this opportunity, I would never have done such a task.

—Timothy O’Shea, Senior Project Manager

What’s been the most rewarding thing, overall, about Everybody Writes?

Knowing others are benefiting from the updates is the most rewarding thing. When a Guide tells me they saw the information they needed in a Help article I helped to write, it makes all the effort worth it. I hope people continue to provide feedback when they see the need.

—Heather Lawless, Global Advanced Operations Specialist

Being able to provide easy, helpful articles that our team can relay to customers who will help cut down on our overall ticket amounts.

—Celise Davison, Website Security Support Analyst

The most rewarding thing about Everybody Writes is that you came across almost all of the products under GoDaddy and it really helps to understand what exactly that product does and how we can do much more under it. Second thing is teamwork. As the name suggests, “Everybody Writes,” so it’s for all and everyone is welcome to help.

—Vinay Soni, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Knowledge I would say. I have learned a lot about the code.

—Shubham Dhiman, Advanced Technical Support Representative

Getting to work with more people passionate about writing, as well as hitting the “Publish” button after working hard on a project. Plus, getting to be part of the process of the creation of new features.

—Pit Bozionelos, WooCommerce Support Engineer

I think the most rewarding thing for me has been the opportunity to explore new areas, challenges and learn new things that would never even have been on my radar in my daily routine. I have been able to gain a much deeper understanding of our gTLD, ccTLD and Legacy product lines and understand the importance of this information being given in support of our internal and external customers. It has also been rewarding for me to fearlessly step out into unknown areas, explore them and use my newly learned knowledge to make a difference in relaying information on to our users.

—Timothy O’Shea, Senior Project Manager

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