WordCamp Asia 2023

WordCamp Asia (WCAsia) 2023 will occur from February 17-19. Our team can’t wait to meet you there! Stay tuned on this post for a recap of the event, how to get involved as a WordPress contributor and what to prepare for future WordCamps.

What is WordCamp Asia?

Traditionally, WordCamp events have been held in places like Europe, the U.S., and Centroamérica as a community learning space for people interested in all things WordPress.

But this year, event organizers are establishing the first flagship WordCamp in Asia, kicking things off in the iconic city of Bangkok, Thailand. The event will be held inside the True Icon Hall within the mixed-use development space called the ICONSIAM. Here, folks can also take advantage of the many shopping, dining and extracurricular activities held in the same location.

First time hearing about WordCamp?  Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect:

A traditional WordCamp event invites creators and innovators (from all industries and backgrounds) to come together and share ideas for WordPress’ open-source software.

The intent is to make it a better tool for everyone to use, which makes contributions to the WordPress open source project an innovative group effort.

So, whether you’re a freelancer setting up your first portfolio website or a seasoned software engineer developing a new plugin, WordCamp is the place to learn and discover new opportunities through things like:

Networking opportunities
Panel discussions
Webinar sessions
Asking WordPress questions at any of the various sponsor booths

As an added bonus for attending, you can also expect free swag, cool prizes, and after-hour parties.

What distinguishes WordCamp from other conventions?

Unlike other conventions, you won’t find endless rows of vendors trying to sell their wares at WordCamp.

Instead, you’ll find unofficial gatherings in the hallways between sessions, known as hallway tracks, where people network with one another to share their favorite industry insights and discuss key events in their fields.

And while there is an active sponsors area, these brands are more concerned with building relationships and being a part of the WordPress community.

Learning from WordPress contributors

One of the most important ways WordCamp attendees are empowered is through Contributor Day. This is where WordPress users from all over the platform and the globe are divided into teams to discuss how they can help the overall project. It’s also a great chance for people to ask questions and meet new people from different industries.

Anyone can and should sign up to be a contributor, regardless of skill level or background. The call for contributor submissions is also a fun way for people to share stories about their personal experience at the event, along with tips and ideas they learned along the way.

GoDaddy Pro staff excited to participate in Contributor Day

Planning your WordCamp Asia 2023 experience

If you’re going to the event in-person, you’ll want to make a plan. Give yourself flexibility, but do review the schedule posted on the asia.wordcamp.org website and make a list of parties and people you hope to meet. Get a list of great tips from our team here:

Meet the GoDaddy ground team attending WCAsia 2023

As a proud supporter of the WordPress community, the GoDaddy team is a group of friendly people eager to join in on the action with over 40 representatives from various brands within the company. Here are some of the notable faces you’ll see there:

Adam Warner – Director of Field Marketing
Courtney Robertson -Web Designer & Developer Advocate
Mike Schroder –  Core developer / Performance contributor
George Mamadashvili – Gutenberg contributor
Gina Innocent – Field Marketing Specialist
Ken Crockett – Community contributor
Maja Loncar – Field Marketing, EMEA
Guarav Nakul – Sr. Marketing Manager, India
Drew Wilde – Managed WordPress Hosting
Brian Bautista – Media
Nikki Chavengsub – Director of Marketing, APAC
Nada ElSharkawy – Marketing Manager, APAC
Auch Lim – Marketing Manager, APAC

Will there be a boat?

You might’ve noticed that we have a thing for boats during WordCamps. In Porto, we set sail on a pirate ship for WordCamp Europe 2022, and again in San Diego for WordCamp US 2022. We’re still finalizing details and preparing to collect your RSVPs, but we will indeed have another boat in place. Make sure to follow GoDaddy Pro on Twitter for future announcements.

Will we see you there?

We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Asia. Let us know if you’ll be there.

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